Journey hijacking is just the beginning; you may be losing 1 in 4 customers to code you can’t see.

Some of your customers are getting distracted and diverted, causing you to lose revenue. But that’s just the beginning. You could be delivering malware or giving hackers access to private customer information like credit card info. How? It’s through third-party code.

It’s the analytics, templates, ads, videos, online chat, plugins, CRM management, and shopping cart tech that wasn’t created by your in-house team. It adds functionality or content, but it can cause major problems. Your site visitors and mobile app users get up to 95% third-party code, which could include:

  • Redirects and ads that hijack your customer experience.
  • Heavy JavaScript that slows down the performance of your site
  • Cookies that leak data on your customers
  • Malware that puts the security of your users at risk
  • Calls to third-party domains that increase abandonment rates

Our scans have helped multi-billion dollar brands catch competitor ads running on their site through third-party code. Find out if your site is vulnerable and see how you compare to leaders in your industry with a free scan from The Media Trust.

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