Adtech & Publishers on the frontline of COVID-19: How to deal with coronavirus scams and malware

On-Demand Webinar | 30-min
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Watch our 30-minute webinar, hosted by Cory Schnurr, Head of Marketplace Innovation at The Media Trust, to learn how media publishers and adtech are battling COVID-19 scams and malware on the frontlines today. Joining Cory will be John Ilacqua, Head of Publisher Strategies for the Americas.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What kinds of COVID-19 scams and malware are we seeing today?
  • How to tell a good ad from a bad ad (hint: it isn’t black and white)?
  • What are adtech and publishers doing today to battle these scams and malware?
  • Hear about different tools you can use to battle malware as well as scams and damaging content

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Hosted by: Cory Schnurr, Head of Market Innovation at The Media Trust

Cory Schnurr

Adtech expert and programmatic mechanic, Cory has worked across the industry – from publisher to platform to exchange. Cory brings a unique perspective and technical understanding of the challenges facing today’s digital landscape. Today, Cory’s focus is on regulatory compliance and marketplace quality, to help shape The Media Trust’s.