ADTECH SONG: Bad Ads Rising

ADTECH SONG: Bad Ads Rising
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Redirects?!? Backdoors?!? Ads for bongs and gummies?!? Heavy ads bringing site loads to a crawl?!? THERE ARE BAD ADS ON THE RISE!

I see redirects and backdoors
E-skimmers, scams, and phishing schemes
What’s that—vibrators and butt plugs?!?
Bitcoin, water bongs, and gummies

Don’t go ’round that site!
It’ll give your browser a fright
There are bad ads on the rise

I see site latency a-rising
Heavy ads bring load times to a crawl
I see furious emails a-coming
From editorial, execs, and readers too

Don’t go ’round that site
Your device just won’t leave right
There are bad ads on the rise

Hope you got more than a creative blocker
A real-time ad quality solution
Does more than swat away high-risk platforms
Precision will secure your revenue

Go ahead ’round that site
The Media Trust makes it all right
No more bad ads on the rise