Media Filter

What if you could block bad ads without sacrificing revenue?

6 million bad ads blocked every day means lost revenue for publishers

Serving and monetizing quality ads shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why The Media Trust’s Media Filter solution is the fastest, most precise, and flexible malware blocking solution on the market. Media Filter makes it easy for publishers to guard against malvertising, redirects/hijacks and ad quality issues so you can deliver a better, more rewarding user experience across websites, mobile web and mobile apps.

Guard your site. Secure your revenue. Enjoy your weekends.

Media Filter helps you maintain revenue continuity by ensuring bad ads are blocked from the user experience without introducing unacceptable latency. Our fully customizable solution allows you to adjust blocking criteria by domain, url, wildcard, regex and more so you don’t have to worry about overblocking. Even more, Media Filter’s scan and search algorithm was built for speed--consistently faster than any other malware blocker.

Industry-leading features to meet your changing needs

  • 1st party malware data set covering 20+ violation types
  • Quality violations library, including IAB specs
  • Extensive reporting by individual or collective domains
  • Client-specific blocking and/or notifying script parameters
  • Block malicious domains/subdomains/hosts with accuracy
  • Supports creative wrappers, tag on page, or tag manager
  • 3 steps to set up and go: enter domain, select trigger, enter replacement ad
  • Simulator to see how code affects creative display
  • Ad callback/passback logic
  • Algorithm built for speed, consistently outperforms
  • Adjustable block list size
  • Self-hosting CDN option

Promote ad quality, don't block it.

Creating a virtuous cycle of ad quality, Media Filter safeguards all of your impressions--not a sampling--from bad and unwanted activity using the industry’s best, most precise data set derived from continuous monitoring of world’s most heavily trafficked digital properties.

Tackle potential ad fraud by identifying poorly performing digital partners and communicating your digital requirements or policies using our industry-first Digital Vendor Network. The 1500+ strong network allows you to connect with partners and enable automatic violation notification to every upstream serving partner, not just ones known to you.

How it works

Supported by our industry-leading continuous monitoring of the digital advertising ecosystem and 24/7/365 operations team, our Media Blocker:

Analyzes all executing code during page load on user device, i.e., PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Blocks or alerts on malicious and policy-violating execution attempts and requests another ad to be served

Notifies upstream partners of violations to stop violating behavior at the source