TCF 2.0 Global Vendor List available via The Media Trust Platform

TCF 2.0 Global Vendor List available via The Media Trust Platform
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IAB Europe announced that Version 2.0 of the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) went live on August 15. TCF is a critical consent solution enabling GDPR compliance for publishers, adtech, Consent Management Platforms and others involved in the digital advertising industry.

In support of IAB Europe’s efforts, The Media Trust has released new TCF v. 2.0 functionality that provides publishers the information needed to make informed GDPR compliance decisions regarding adtech partners and the risk they introduce to the enterprise. Publishers and other users are now able to see which adtech vendors are on the IAB’s Global Vendor List, meaning that they are TCF compliant and that they have declared the legal bases for  dropping cookies and the cookie’s functionality.  

By noting GVL participation throughout our platform, a user can quickly determine if there are non-compliant adtech vendors and take appropriate actions such as blocking a domain or notifying that vendor of non-compliance.

Adtech Vendor Information

The Media Trust solution houses extensive profiles on adtech vendors, and pulls information from the TCF Global Vendor List into these profiles on a continuing basis including:

  • Privacy policy link
  • Legal and Special purposes 
  • Features

This data is defined in TCF, but not every adtech vendor uses data in the same way so it is important to understand each vendor’s approach when determining GDPR compliance risk.

Integrated for Quick Access

The Media Trust provides the GVL information in the adtech vendor’s profile, but also exposes the vendor’s status throughout the solution to make it quick and convenient to understand if a vendor is compliant.

For example, our Cookie Compliance function shows 14 different cookie attributes in a single view, including: 

  • Vendor and domain dropping the cookie
  • Amount of data collected
  • Is the data collected secure?
  • Is the cookie authorized to be on the site?

One of the attributes included indicates if the vendor dropping the cookie is TCF compliant, allowing the publisher to fully understand the risk posed by that cookie and vendor in a single view.

By integrating this data throughout The Media Trust solution, and connecting the adtech vendor’s TCF status with its cookies and domains, a publisher can understand its GDPR compliance status while viewing other potential ad quality issues. This holistic view makes it much easier for a publisher to maintain revenue and ad quality while remaining in compliance with GDPR.

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