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Security Oct 03, 2019
CISO #1 Threat to Digital Properties
Over the last six years, malware attacks and other security issues related to third-party code have increased by 600%. Security issues related to third-party code are the biggest blind spot and #1…
Security Jul 10, 2019
Malware Attack Data
Real-time malware attack data directly sourced by continuously monitoring premium, frequently whitelisted websites visited by your employees.
Quality May 26, 2019
Case Study: Omnicom Media Group

Discover how Omnicom Media Group saves 20+ hours a week verifying correct digital ad placement for 300+ campaigns covering 5,000+ line items according to Insertion Order (IO) requirements

digital vendor risk management Sep 13, 2017
Digital Vendor Risk Management

Discover and remedy critical security, privacy and performance failures in your website and mobile app execution