RSA Conference 2020 - What's Keeping Cybersecurity Experts Up At Night?

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Cyber Defense Magazine

At the RSA Conference 2020, Gary Berman and I  had the privilege of interviewing some of the top executives in the cybersecurity Community about what concerns weighed on their minds, regarding the state of the industry, and the challenges facing the digital world.

Some experts theorize that a monumental shift in prioritization is required, across all industries offering digital products to clients, in order to effectuate meaningful change. “If companies decide that their [customer’s data privacy] is as important as [theirs is],” proclaims Chris Olson, Co-Founder, and CEO at The Media Trust. “[Companies need to act like] it’s not about profit anymore. We’re all here for you. That’s true, probably in many things, but it’s absolutely not true for the digital asset.” He adds, “So, they need to start thinking about their websites and apps, and the way we’re talking about helping society. I think you’re going to see that [prioritization approach] get bigger and bigger.”

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