Epom Teams with The Media Trust to Provide Online and Mobile Publishers with 24/7 Protection Against Malvertising

Epom Teams with The Media Trust to Provide Online and Mobile Publishers with 24/7 Protection Against Malvertising
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Partnership enables Epom to prevent publisher and ad-supported clients from serving online and mobile ads infected with malware

McLean, VA, April 2, 2015 – Epom Ad Server today announced its partnership with The Media Trust, the global leader in monitoring and protecting the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, to provide real-time malware protection through the continuous, 24/7 scanning of all ad tags served via Epom’s programmatic platform. Through this partnership, Epom can now provide display and mobile publishers, cross-platform inventory owners and app developers with advanced malware protection throughout the life of their clients’ advertising campaigns.

The Media Trust’s Media Scanner for Malware Protection provides continuous, 24/7 protection against malware hidden in ad tags, creatives and content. This SaaS-based solution now scans every ad tag served by Epom for anomalies, suspicious activity or overt malware. If the system detects anything suspicious within the ad’s code, it immediately notifies Epom so they remove and then block the infected ad tag. With the Media Scanner service, Epom gains granular, real-time visibility and control over all the ad tags served from its platform, which allows them to deliver a better, not to mention safer, user experience for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

“Unfortunately, malvertising has become a fact of life in the online and mobile advertising environments, so it’s critical that major players like Epom take proactive measures to protect publishers’ websites, not to mention the end users visiting these sites,” said Chris Olson, co-founder and CEO of The Media Trust. “Through this partnership, Epom can now provide advertisers, publishers and consumers with robust, 24/7 protection from malicious code surreptitiously embedded into legitimate ad tags.”

“Cooperation between ad-serving companies and security monitoring services is crucial for the online and mobile advertising industry”, said Kate Sydorenko, business development manager at Epom. “Malvertising has turned into a significant problem; and SSPs, DSPs, networks, and ad exchanges must take action to find a solution. This is especially important for RTB-enabled platforms that access extremely large supply-side and demand-side markets. As a provider of these platforms, Epom has actively sought out a comprehensive solution that allows us to ensure the integrity and security of our clients ad tags both pre-flight and in flight. We strongly believe The Media Trust will empower us to achieve this goal”.

About The Media Trust

With a physical presence in more than 500 cities in 65 countries, The Media Trust’s proprietary website and ad tag scanning technology provides continuous, non-stop protection against malware, site performance issues and data leakage, which can lead to lost revenue and privacy violations. The Company also provides comprehensive quality assurance checks of an ad campaign’s technical and creative components, supporting display, rich-media, video, search and mobile advertising. In addition, The Media Trust’s technology provides publishers with visual ad verification for geographically-targeted campaigns, ensuring thousands of media buys are executed correctly, reducing discrepancies, errors and make-good scenarios in-flight.

More than 400 publishers, ad networks, exchanges, agencies and enterprises—including 40 of com-Score’s AdFocus Top 50 websites—rely on The Media Trust’s suite of continuous, non-stop monitoring, detecting and alerting services to protect their website, their revenue and their brand.

About Epom Ad Server

Epom Ad Server offers cross-platform solutions for online advertising and monetization campaigns in more than 40 countries across the globe. The company supports standard, iAB-certified ad formats as well as custom formats for display, mobile, and video ads. Epom constantly updates its product portfolio. The company places a strong emphasis on the scalability and reliability of its software, infrastructure, and service. Big Data integration, granular reporting, and real-time performance analytics are among the key benefits for Epom Ad Server clients.

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