U.S. Media Publishers

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U.S. Media Publishers Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of U.S. media publisher environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Malware eventTotal CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAverage JavaScript Download 4745Size(MBs)
Benchmark3989%86%0%Yes71640%7982 years1.69
Endemic 14616%34%0%YES82755%7,985 years1.1
Endemic 24544%94%0%YES83847%7,982 years1.78
Endemic 31076%82%0%NO764%7,982 years0.95
News 16663%94%0%NO1.18232%7,985 years2.99
News 21.0990%97%0%NO00%7,982 years0.7
News 325550%92%0%NO3896%7,985 years0.75
News 44285%93%0%NO81075%180 years1.64
News 56574%94%0%YES2,48464%7,982 years0.72
News 64957%94%0%YES1,04261%7,982 years1.78
News 73946%88%0%NO64763%7,982 years3.1
News 84706%91%0%YES75840%7,982 years3.07

Key Learnings:

Ad-supported websites are a multi-billion dollar business, enabling free access to a significant amount of media content. Programmatic and real-time bidding help publishers monetize their content, but they also introduce a host of issues from malware and redirects to creative and regulatory violations. On average, the U.S. Media sector experienced:

  • 86% executing domains are third-party code, dramatic decrease
  • amount of third-party code is closely tied to malware event risk
  • 100% of websites dropped cookies persisting for more than 7,981 years
  • 50% of websites experienced a malware event in August
  • 118 increase in average cookies from May to June 2023
  • JavaScript download size stabilizing throughout 2023

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