Is third-party code threatening the customer journey?

As much as 95% of the code on an e-commerce sites comes from third-party vendors. While third-party code is essential to providing the digital experiences your sophisticated customers crave, it could present risks and vulnerabilities that can be leveraged to disrupt the consumer purchase path. More specifically, cookies and third-party domains call on external parties can be used to hinder a customers’ paths to purchase, impede website performance speed, and steal sensitive customer information. Malicious third-party code can put your digital revenue at risk because of:

  • Customer Journey Hijacking – Your customers are exposed to competing ads or offers before completing a purchase
  • Data Leakage – Customers’ preferences are leaked to competitors allowing them to steal sales
  • Privacy Breaches – Brand reputation takes a hit because personal data such as credit card information is stolen
  • Performance Lags – Unnecessary calls cause performance lags which stifle sales and repel customers

Read, The Hidden Obstacle in the Consumer Purchase Path: 3PC Cookies and Domain Calls, to discover if digital security threats are putting your customers, reputation, and revenue at risk.

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