The code you don’t own or manage could be costing you conversions.

An emerging threat is allowing only 2.86% of your site visits to be converted into sales. It’s called Customer Journey Hijacking and the third-party code powering the digital experience on your website or mobile app may be the reason customers are being stolen away. 1 out of 4 customers are lost to journey hijacking when compromised or unauthorized ads interrupt a user’s shopping session and redirect them to complete their transaction elsewhere. Compromised third-party code allows ads to appear in the form of:

  • Product Ads – Product ads identify where and what customers are browsing and insert relevant/competitive product advertising on the page.
  • Pop-Up Offers – Pop-up offers thrust themselves to the center of the page to gain higher visibility and click rate. Designers of these malicious pop-ups know that customers expect an offer or discount and design them accordingly.
  • Rogue Banners – Rogue banners in the header or sidebar of an e-commerce site appear on checkout pages and sidetrack customers from completing transactions at the most important step in the purchase journey.
  • In-Text Redirection – In-text redirection ads identify target keywords on pages and transform them into external links. They can also steal existing links and redirect customers to direct competitors

Read the article, The Silent E-Commerce Sales Killer: Customer Journey Hijacking, to learn how you can prevent this growing phenomenon from taking more of your hard-earned customers and most importantly, your revenue.

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