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Head of Digital Experience & Risk

The Media Trust is seeking a Head of Digital Experience & Risk in Sales. The successful candidate will be tasked with engaging large ecommerce clients and building best practices to help minimize risk and maximize revenue.  You will reveal decision points for executives that impact risk, compliance, performance, and digital strategy.   This is a role for someone who wants to take the lead on building innovative digital solutions for enterprises in the ecommerce space.  You will be solving problems for customers on how 3rd party vendors impact their customer experience from a security, compliance and performance perspective.

The successful candidate will be empowered to maintain and grow existing enterprise client relationships with large enterprise accounts and ensure that The Media Trust is essential to our customer base’s security risks and compliance. 


The responsibilities are diverse and include, but are not limited to:

  • Meet with current and prospective clients to help them understand how 3rd party code impacts their digital ecosystem and help them navigate solutions
  • Help clients understand the impact of 3rd party user tracking and how it relates to regulatory compliance (i.e. GDPR, CCPA, COPPA and other regulations)
  • Be the Subject Matter Expert on website and mobile application security, compliance and performance risks and help enterprises with best practices in these areas
  • Work closely with the product team and executives to build innovative solutions for customers in security, compliance and performance risk
  • Document and provide all findings to colleagues and clients (project team members, CRO, CEO)
  • Consult organizations on best practices around security risks and data privacy regulations
  • Identify and consult around best practices for digital vendor management and optimizing partnerships
  • Educate clients on relationship between user experience, security and revenue
  • Provide clients and prospective clients on best practices for emerging trends in the digital landscape


  • Minimum 15+ years’ experience in a client-facing, technical, strategy and/or digital product role 
  • Knowledge of digital enterprise security vulnerabilities/weaknesses/threats
  • Best practices in data security, data regulation & data privacy
  • Expert in Digital Media & Advertising – MarTech/AdTech identity tracking knowledge 
  • Experience in best practices for safeguarding the user-journey and safely using Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Strong aptitude, experience and technical understanding of how websites work and the impact third party code have on the site
  • Proficient in data regulatory issues and how they affect the current digital ecosystem (GDPR, CCPA, VACCPA, etc)
  • Bachelor degree required