RSA 2019

RSA 2019
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Let’s catch up on digital risks

Things are going to be busy during RSA Conference, the security industry’s premier networking event. From presentations and content to coffee and martinis, there’s plenty of reasons to connect with The Media Trust. And, just think, along the way you’re exposing information about yourself – Infographic.

Meet our team – South #3300

  • Chris Olson, CEO
  • Darcy Dinga, Head of Enterprise Solutions
  • Mike Bittner, Associate Director, Digital Security & Operations




“Digital Risk & You” No better way to understand the challenges of shadow IT than a presentation investigating real risks propagating across websites in 5 key industries.

“Malware. Who, me?”. This session deep dives into 5 recent, large-scale incidents leveraging everyday websites to attack consumers

Sit back. Relax. Chat. Sip

Coffee: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Martinis: Tuesday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm


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Looking for a pass?

The Media Trust is pleased to offer our clients a complementary Expo Plus Pass. Use the code XEU9THEMEDIA at registration