Adtech & Publishers on the frontline of COVID-19

Coronavirus has seriously impacted the world, preventing countless individuals from going to work, participating in social events, and visiting loved ones. But for cybercriminals, this global pandemic has presented the perfect opportunity to take further advantage of internet users. Now it seems like coronavirus-related malware is spreading faster than the virus itself.


Since the outbreak made headlines in early February, active malware attacks have spiked by 18%. With no vaccine yet developed and most of the world under total lockdown, people are increasingly turning to the internet for health tips and news updates on the crisis. So to capitalize on people’s anxiety, under the guise of a solution or aid, cybercriminals are developing highly-dangerous malware campaigns and fake or questionable ads targeting millions of users. Adtech companies and media publishers are now feeling the pinch and seeking an immediate solution before the bottom line is even further impacted during this unprecedented time.

Attacks are only expected to increase as this situation evolves and more global communities are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. But not every ad or piece of content in the digital advertising ecosystem is bad. Executives in adtech and publishing know this better than anyone and are fighting to separate the good from the bad.