A Landing Page RickRoll?!?

Malware Never Gonna Give You Up

Nope—it’s gonna keep letting you down, keep running around, keep making you cry and never desert you. 

And so many backdoors, phishing schemes, scams, and other dangers are lying in wait on landing pages. 40% of malware flowing through the ad pipes appears on landing pages. If your security solution isn’t clicking though and finding them, you’re leaving your audiences vulnerable. Even worse, exposing your organization to regulatory investigation.

That ain't all that's hassling your audiences

Publisher revenue operations and AdTech marketplace quality teams have a lot to worry about when it comes to ensuring positive user experience. There’s auto redirects; clickbait scams; potentially objectionable creative from political to gambling to tobacco to marijuana; heavy ads that drive latency; unauthorized vendors scraping audience data… Optimizing monetization while ensuring consumers’ digital trust and safety is not a task for the faint of heart.

You're going to need us

At AdMonsters Ops, The Media Trust has you covered—come find one of the handsome faces below and tell us all about your woes.

Gavin Dunaway

Product Marketing Lead

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Head of Publisher Relations & Strategy

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